No Onion? No Problem….Tasty Dal Colambu Without Onion

Hi friends, Greetings to you! Today I am back with a very easy to make dish. You can do it when you accidentally get up late and need to rush for work or some guests just drop in without information. Above all you don't have to cut onions or grind masala. Just rush in and … Continue reading No Onion? No Problem….Tasty Dal Colambu Without Onion


Instant Eggless Jack Fruit Pudding….Yummy!!

This is the jack fruit season in Kerala and we make lots of dishes with raw as well as ripe jack fruits. This is a unique dish which I made and its simply yummy and soft as icecream.  All must try it up if you have few pods of ripe jack fruit and rice flour. … Continue reading Instant Eggless Jack Fruit Pudding….Yummy!!

Lovely Eggless Chicken Cutlet

Ingredients Cooked Chicken boneless – 1 Cup (minced or cut into fine bits) Green Chilli – 1 crushed Curry leaves – 5-10 Chilli powder – 1 Tea-spoon Turmeric Powder – ¼ Tea-spoon Cloves – 3 Cinnamon – 1 (2 inches piece) Cardamom – 3 (open and take only seeds) Fennel (Saunf) – 1 Tea-spoon Garlic … Continue reading Lovely Eggless Chicken Cutlet

Chicken rice Changu

Ingredients Rice flour – 1 Tea cup Salt – 1 Tea-spoon or for taste Boiled water – ¾ Cup Minced Chicken – 1 Tea cup Onion – 1 Green Chilli – 1 Turmeric Powder – ¼ Tea-spoon Chilli Powder – 1 Tea-spoon Meat Masala – 1 Tea-spoon Curry leaves – 5-10 nos. Oil – 1 … Continue reading Chicken rice Changu

Egg Thoran Quick and Easy

Did some friends or relatives suddenly show up in your house at lunch or dinner time? Or want to rush your kids to school with a fast and easy side dish? Try out this quick and tasty dish. Ingredients Egg – 1 Tomato – 1 Onion – 1 medium Turmeric powder – ¼ Tea-spoon Green … Continue reading Egg Thoran Quick and Easy

Unniappam without Chatty – Assorted Spongy and delicious

nnappam is one of the delicacies of Kerala especially for tea. Its offered in temples and Churches as Prasadam/Nercha (offering) Ingredients Rice flour – 1 Tea cup Salt – 1 pinch Cooking soda – 1 pinch Cumin seeds powder – ¼ Tea-spoon Black Till (Ellu) – 1 Tea-spoon Cardamom powder ¼ Teaspoon Melted Jaggery - … Continue reading Unniappam without Chatty – Assorted Spongy and delicious

No Onion Potato Curry

Ingredients Potato – 3 or 4 Green Chilli – 2 Pepper  Powder – 1 tea-spoon Chilli Powder - 1 Tea spoon Turmeric Powder - 1 Tea Spoon Curry Leaves – 10 leaves Mustard seeds – 1 tea-spoon Coconut Oil – 1 table-spoon Salt - To taste Preparation Wash the potato's and pressure cook them for … Continue reading No Onion Potato Curry

Instant Tomato Chutney

Ingredients Tomato – 3 Chilli Powder – 1 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder – ¼ Teaspoon Pepper Powder – ¼ Teaspoon Salt – To taste Coconut Oil – 1 Table Spoon Water – ¼ Cup Curry Leaves – 10 leaves Onion – 1 medium (cut into small pieces) Preparation Cut Tomato’s and put in a pan, add … Continue reading Instant Tomato Chutney

Kallappam (Toddy Bread)

Ingredients Good quality Raw Rice (Unakalari/Pachari) - 3 cups Scraped Coconut – 1 Cup Sour Toddy (Pulicha Kallu) – 1 Table Spoon/Yeast – 1small teaspoon soaked in little warm water Salt – To taste Small Onion – 2 or 3 nos. Garlic- 1or 2 cloves (optional) Cumin seeds (Small Jeera) – 1 tea spoon Cooked … Continue reading Kallappam (Toddy Bread)