No Onion? No Problem….Tasty Dal Colambu Without Onion

Hi friends, Greetings to you! Today I am back with a very easy to make dish. You can do it when you accidentally get up late and need to rush for work or some guests just drop in without information. Above all you don’t have to cut onions or grind masala. Just rush in andContinue reading “No Onion? No Problem….Tasty Dal Colambu Without Onion”

Poochayappam (Cat Bread)

Ingredients Roasted Rice Flour – 1 cup Salt – To taste Melted Jaggery – 3 table spoons Water – 3/4 Cup Cumin Seeds powder – 1 teaspoon Cardamom – 4 Jack fruit paste – 1 Cup (Ripe Jack fruit clean, remove seeds, take the flesh of the fruit and grind in mixi ) Scraped CoconutContinue reading “Poochayappam (Cat Bread)”