Three Outstanding Influencers in My Wellness Voyage

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former Indian President

What were Dr. AP.J Abdul Kalam’s long term dreams and visions about health care? You could find below a few excerpts of his words inserted from his website Ayodhya as the “Humanity’s Healing Center” Sep 20 2010

Even as we graduate as the 4th largest economy (PPP) in the world, we still see a time where every second child born in the nation is malnourished and 53 out of every 1000 live infants do not live to their first birthday. Similarly, almost half of the worldwide tuberculosis patients are Indians, and anemic levels in Indian women are amongst the highest in the world, exceeding 60% in some states. Availability of clean water and nutritious food still remains to be the foremost enemies in the lives of the millions. ‘Humanity Healing Center‘ should focus on how such stark realities, which are amongst the most prominent national concerns, can be addressed in an effective, pervasive and cost efficient manner especially to reach the remote rural sectors of the nation where 700 million people live.

Humanity Healing Center” would accentuate the amalgamation of the physical healing and spiritual healing. It should emerge a multi-religious spiritual platform, with lush greenery vibrant with colorful life of flowers and birds synchronizes with best healing for soul and treats the spirit. With its proximity to multiple rich religions, the Healing Center would derive the best out of all faiths, and use it as a therapy to treat the ailing souls. It would thus be a place of spiritual learning where humans would find proximity with the divinity and the conscience of the human soul shall awaken.

Who will create such a center? I propose the center to be jointly created, owned and operated in the Public Private Community Partnership (PPCP) mode with Government, all parties, organizations, join together with professionals from different fields, retired servicemen and scholars from all communities and all the other stakeholders. The government and private sector may also support the development of the center which would be a symbol of healing to humanity regardless of their color, religion, caste, gender or nationality.

It is our great opportunity today to shape our present action, based on our aspirations of the future rather than let it be governed by the baggage of hostility from the past. Our future generation will revere us for such an action which will help humanity and not the actions which destroy harmony and peace. It is now the golden opportunity of this generation, to be remembered as harbingers of lasting fraternity and enlightened nation rather than generators of thousand year conflicts. Read full article

A Wellness Food Guide for Your Holistic Health’

Dr. A. Sreekumar, Wellness Solutions, Cochin

Dr. A. Sreekumar, Founder of Wellness Solutions and Soukhya was the guiding star in my holistic health and wellness expedition. I was lucky enough to have gained long years of experience in the health and wellness sector from his esteemed institution. ‘A Wellness Food guide for your holistic health‘ is the outcome of my long research with the knowledge I gained from him. I acknowledge that it is he who introduced so many influential persona to me. I am grateful to him for all his guidance, trust, freedom and the short and sweet foreword for my book.

I hope and pray that this wellness guide will be accepted by all as a significant book to understand how to nourish the body well to keep sustainable health in this fast-changing universe. I wish this book is beneficial for all to keep good health and wellness. Wishing all the best.

Dr. A. Sreekumar MBBS; DLO; FACNEM; FSAAARMM (Hon.); FINEM, Senior Functional Medical Practitioner Founder, Wellness Solutions, Soukhya Foundation, Nutrigenomics

Prof. Dr. Ian Brighthope, Australia is the founder of Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). Though a great and ever busy personal his down to earth simplicity is appreciated by all who know him. I am perpetually grateful to him for his awesome detailed foreword for my book which is inserted below for your read.

A Wellness Food Guide for Your Holistic Health’

The greatest medical problems of this time are the increasing incidence of preventable killer diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental illness amongst many others. These diseases are clearly related to lifestyle and the maintenance of health. The problem is we are all relying on the doctor and medical profession to treat and cure our illnesses and disease. This is a fallacy. Also, science promised us relief from the devastation of killer infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses with the advent of antibiotics and vaccines. It is evident now that these promises have been unfulfilled as we witness the emergence of antibiotic resistant strains of deadly bacteria and the Covid-19 pandemic. There were no effective preventative vaccines to prevent the deadly pandemic and at this point in time, only partially effective vaccines that don’t prevent infection or its spread, only reduce the severity of the infection. Scientific and medical hubris are a significant problem worldwide and stand in the way of powerful, effective preventative measures that the individual can take to prevent degenerative disease and infection.

In ‘A Wellness Food Guide for Your Holistic Health’, Rani takes us on a learning journey experienced by a family who, like many families, was uninformed as to the power of nutrients in preventing and treating illness and severe diseases. It starts with the devastating effects of a member of the family with cancer and the many lessons learned, taking two generations of this family with open minds to an endpoint where a union of western medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional and environmental medicine combined together as the most powerful union for the best of health. These modalities properly practiced in the context of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise and meditation ensure the individual has all the energies and cellular building blocks to maximize the expression of their genetic inheritance. Additionally, this provides the best conditions for optimising the repair of damaged cells, tissues and organs such as the heart, liver, brain and kidney etc. and creating a microenvironment in the body for true healing, a concept and practice that is missing in orthodox medicine.

Early in the book the father said to his son “You being a doctor must give awareness to people on the importance of health and give them your Dad’s example. Only now I understand the meaning of the saying, “‘Health is wealth’. As long as we have it we never value it, but realize the value only when we lose it.”

“Anyway, now we’ve to face the present situation. For the timing, don’t tell the seriousness of my illness to your Mom. Let her live in hope for some more time.”

I truly hope that after this book is read by millions, this emotive conversation fades into historical distance for most of the world’s people. It may seem a stretch of the imagination to suggest such a change in the understanding of real health, but it didn’t take long to create global fear in the face of the Covid19 pandemic. The question should be asked, can an approach taken by one family in becoming informed and practicing the best of health be applied worldwide? I believe it can if we and our leaders have the political will. However, this means those with vested interests in disease must be put to the side and excluded from health policy decision making. Whilst they will remain important from the medical perspective, their influence in preventing real health care should be eliminated.

One of the most powerful nutrients for both prevention and treatment, when the diet and all other nutrients are reasonably good, is vitamin C. There is one treatment which should be given to every patient with cancer, autoimmune diseases and severe infections such as influenza, sepsis and Covid-19 and that is high dose intravenous vitamin C. The amazing and outstanding results from the use of this nutrient often come as a shock to doctors who have seen it bring patients quickly back from the brink of death. The family in Rani’s book experienced this ‘miracle’ vitamin. It should be used at the time of first diagnosis rather than wait until the patient is very sick. Vitamin C is known to inactivate viruses, stimulate the immune system, reduce toxicity of drugs and chemotherapy and reduce cancer cells.

The informed public in the west are rapidly becoming mindful consumers of complete foods, complementary natural medicines and safe health practices. These safe and effective options are being introduced to their medical careers, which is contributing to awareness among all health professionals of the potential power of natural health care, NATURE. Grassroots organizations will inevitably bring about the necessary changes to medical systems that will ensure sustainability in Health. Education of all aspects of health also needs reform, and a book like this takes information to a significant personal level. It should be read by all health care professionals.

However, despite our best efforts in the field of complementary natural medicine, current health practice in the west still focuses on the treatment of disease as opposed to the prevention of disease and optimization of health.

The ‘drug and disease’ paradigm is costly, not only in monetary terms but also the human toll of pain and suffering, iatrogenic (doctor caused) death and the impact on productivity and quality of life. Despite an increasing awareness of the importance of lifestyle factors and prevention, mainstream medical professionals are trained to think and act in terms of disease and its pharmacological end points and interventions. The wakening of Rani’s family in other ways, the exposure of their doctor son to the miracles of vitamin C, are the changes at the individual level that drive systematic changes.

To date prevention has largely been something of a secondary consideration in most medical schools and practices, and true health optimization in this context is still in the minority. Whilst governments have made investments in prevention a priority, the key emphasis of prevention has been the drive to reduce preventable death and disease by addressing the risk factors of tobacco use and the harmful consumption of alcohol. This is clearly inadequate when nutritional factors play a role and are frequently a primary cause, in nearly all medical conditions. Nevertheless, to ensure natural health care plays a major role in health optimization, government health policies must be inclusive of natural healthcare services and products. What this means is that our governments, in India as well as the west, need to embrace a ‘Healthy Model’ approach to health, encouraging people to seek natural healthcare products and services. The ‘Healthy Model’ of health requires that people are given the necessary tools and encouragement to maximize their health, such as those in this book. Some of the keys to achieving Super Health are the judicious use of foods, nutrition and    nutritional supplements, regular physical exercise, the avoidance of pollutants (chemical, electromagnetic, biological) and the practice of positive mindfulness through simple techniques such as meditation. Studies have shown that expanding the use of natural health care and complementary medicines could save many billions of dollars a year in direct healthcare costs, whilst maintaining consistency in patient outcomes.

The long-term benefits of the methods in this book are profound. Better informed choices for individual self-care will be an absolute necessity for sustainable health care systems to be successful. Governments should also look more closely at what implications this might have in the context of national health reform. Hospital admissions and adverse drug events can be reduced significantly and billions of dollars could be wiped off the total illness care expenditure. These savings could be used to promote better nutrition, physical fitness and the application of safe and effective natural therapies and lifting the poor out of poverty.

Governments must incentivize individuals to achieve their optimal health and fitness. The rapidly changing attitudes among the general populace worldwide also necessitate a change of training and attitudes among the orthodox medical establishment. In the words of the American author,  Spokesperson and activist for healthcare reform, Dr. Andrew Weil, “It’s just astonishing that something (nutrition) that is so central to health is given such short shrift.”

As long as this attitude prevails in medicine, the adoption of a true ‘wellness model’ of healthcare in our society would seem much less likely. Fortunately there are many GPs and academics who are now becoming open to the use of nutrients in diet, nutritional supplements and dietary modification as viable options and even alternatives to pharmacological interventions.

Certainly there will always be a degree of ambivalence, stubbornness, even hostility from the biomedical diehards and the academic power brokers, but eventually the system will change to be in accord with the robust published evidence. As you will see in this book, there is a rational and scientific evidence base to reinforce the use of nutrition including supplements, herbs and spices in the management of every patient with every disease, including physical and mental illnesses and trauma. Research in the field of nutritional medicine is growing at a phenomenal rate, and now that the human genome has been unraveled, the science supporting it is more impressive than ever. Serious, considered, moderate and continuing long-term reform is needed at every level of all health care systems, including the World Health Organization; governments, policy makers, universities, medical schools, post- graduate    colleges and the professions. Resistance to change will be high as it always has been to evolution, change and competing advances. This is not caused by ignorance or prejudice but the irrational fear of loss. Loss of power, of income, of self-worth and position in society. To achieve sustainability, our current disease oriented health system requires gentle, persuasive, firm and strategic reform. Failure to reform is not an option; as this excellent informative book delightfully illustrates.

Prof. Dr. Ian Brighthope Founder President, Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM); Practitioner, Nutritional Medicine; Research and development, Innovative Therapies; Managing Director, Manufacturing and exporting industry, Au.

A Wellness Food Guide For Your Holistic Health

This book clearly speaks about how to obtain and sustain your over all (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, intellectual and environmental) health and wellness. There are more than 100 food items and its contents.

Which? how? when? how much? vitamins and minerals each person requires are clearly explained. This book is a small guide for your overall (holistic) health and wellness.

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