Puzhungiya Kachil (Ube)

Ube or white yam and purple yam... unearthed some yam to make an evening snack for tea.... replacing bakery items ... just tested to see if its ready.... this is the root of a creeper... its really yummy along with green chilli and onion chutney.... a very healthy snack....fresh and organic. Planted in March during … Continue reading Puzhungiya Kachil (Ube)


Gooseberry Chutney

Ingredients 1.  Gooseberries - 2 2. Small Onion - 5 3. Green Chillies (Kanthari) - 6 4. Curry Leaves - 5 leaves 5. Ginger - 1 Small piece 6. Grated Coconut - 3 Tablespoons 7. Salt to taste Preparation Wash and cut the gooseberries into small pieces as shown in picture. Get the small jar … Continue reading Gooseberry Chutney