Corona Easter Cake 2020 Hi Friends, Hope all of you are in good health. Here I am again with a recipe this Covid 19 Easter Cake 2020. As I write this recipe pray that this difficult time may pass very soon and all of us return to normal life again. Since it is lock out period, we didn’t … Continue reading Corona Easter Cake 2020


Pesaha Pal (Maundy Thursday Special)

This is a special sweet milk which is prepared only on Maundy Thursday night to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus and the Passover. This is prepared in Syro Malabar Christian families of Kerala. Ingredients 1. Coconut Milk - 2 Cups - 1st Milk (Onnam Pal) 2. Coconut milk - 2 Cups - 2nd or … Continue reading Pesaha Pal (Maundy Thursday Special)

Easy and Yummy Banana Halva

Ingredients Big Kerala Bananas – 10Melted Jaggery – 4 Table spoonsRice flour – 3 Table spoonsCoconut Milk Powder – 100 gms/ can add more if you like (Can also use 1 or 2 cups thick coconut milk instead )Ghee – 3 or 4 Table spoonsCardamom Powder – 1 Tea spoonSalt – ¼ Teaspoon just to … Continue reading Easy and Yummy Banana Halva

Unniappam without Chatty – Assorted Spongy and delicious

nnappam is one of the delicacies of Kerala especially for tea. Its offered in temples and Churches as Prasadam/Nercha (offering) Ingredients Rice flour – 1 Tea cup Salt – 1 pinch Cooking soda – 1 pinch Cumin seeds powder – ¼ Tea-spoon Black Till (Ellu) – 1 Tea-spoon Cardamom powder ¼ Teaspoon Melted Jaggery - … Continue reading Unniappam without Chatty – Assorted Spongy and delicious

Poochayappam (Cat Bread)

Ingredients Roasted Rice Flour - 1 cup Salt - To taste Melted Jaggery - 3 table spoons Water - 3/4 Cup Cumin Seeds powder - 1 teaspoon Cardamom - 4 Jack fruit paste - 1 Cup (Ripe Jack fruit clean, remove seeds, take the flesh of the fruit and grind in mixi ) Scraped Coconut … Continue reading Poochayappam (Cat Bread)