Eat Healthy Vs Live Healthy

Since working in a wellness industry for many years, my desire for blogging on delicious food which everyone could enjoy and at the same time be healthy, grew stronger and stronger. This carried me over to researching all these years, for some healthy recipes and found many, not that pleasing for my palates or were unhealthy; so I was a bit disappointed.

Inspired by the great speech of a doctor, my thoughts rolled back to my childhood days, when my family was eating very tasty foods and at the same time were healthy too. I don’t remember visiting a doctor for the exception of fracturing my shoulder, that too a country vaidyan (traditional medicine practitioner who never studied in a medical school) who treated me with some fresh leaves and homemade oils. By the way the place referred to here is a small village in Kerala, India.

Right now I am thinking of my grandparents who were very hard working, since they had to manage acres of cultivated lands and paddy fields as well as goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, honey bees etc. They lived a long and healthy life too. So I went back to those days and researched their life style and eating habits including their cuisines’ some of which I will be sharing with you here.

Now I am in my ancestral home with my grandparents (its only in spirit because they are no more)  whose mixi was 2 well shaped stones on which all the grindings were done, mineral deficiency was out of question in those days; washing machine was a piece of rock and cooking fuel was fire wood, vessels were mud pots of various

old utensils

shapes and sizes; food storage was done on a hanging piece of coir (Uri) instead of  a fridge, there was no electricity and kerosene lamps were the only source of light.

While men would toil hard in the fields, women had to do multi tasking chores like cleaning the house, cooking, washing clothesfetching water, fire wood and taking care of children and elderly people. Since there was no fridge to store food,  they could eat freshly cooked meals with just plucked vegetables and fruits. Meat, Poultry and fishes also were very fresh and organic. Honey was consumed now and then from bee hives which were grown in the house. Fresh toddy straight from toddy tree or coconut tree was a very healthy drink every morning. I loved the sweet toddy which tasted like sugar cane juice. My mother would make Jaggery and Pani (something like melted jaggery) from it; the yummy taste of it vow…my mouth is watering right now.

Eating well was the need of the time since they had to work hard the whole day; walk kilometers daily to go to neighbors or relatives houses, shops, schools, churches, temples and mosques. There were no bakeries and fast foods. No packet milk or soft drinks and everything consumed were natural. Sunday was the only rest day for my grand parents.

Joint family system reigned everywhere and family as well as neighborhood bonds were very strong. So, 4D (Physical, mental, emotional and social) health was taken care of very naturally. Morning and evening bathing was done mostly in rivers, ponds or near the wells, which had very cool and good water. The above were the routine habits of everyone. Those who did not have their own properties and fields would go to others fields to work and earn their livelihood. Since there was no electricity or television the days would end by 7.00 pm. After a whole days hard toil, no one would be awake from 8.00 pm to 5.00 am. The song “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and wise” is really upright here I feel !.

Let me  now take you to my grandma’s healthy school for making delicious food for you and your family’s healthy eating. Wish everyone who visits this site an awesome experience in getting some ideas for obtaining good health of mind and body.

Here starts my Blogging journey….appreciate your help and support as I go on this  happy and healthy journey.

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