Potato – 3 or 4
Green Chilli – 2
Pepper  Powder – 1 tea-spoon
Curry Leaves – 10 leaves
Mustard seeds – 1 tea-spoon
Coconut Oil – 1 table-spoon
Salt – To taste


Wash the potato’s and pressure cook them for 4 whistles. Remove from fire and leave aside for cooling. Once you are able to hold in hand, peel and  break them with your hand into small pieces.  Heat oil in a cooking vessel, add mustard, when all the seeds sputter,  add curry leaves, also break the green chillies into 2 or 3 pieces and add.  Put the potato’s in and add pepper powder. Stir well and add 1 cup water and salt, boil well and off the fire.

No Onion Potato Curry

Serve with Appam or any dish of your choice. This is an easy and fast preparation. I am going to enjoy it with Kallappam.  Good appetite.





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