Quick Bitter Guard Kondatam


  1. Bitter Guard – 2
  2. Chilli Powder 1 Table-spoon
  3. Turmeric Powder – 1 Tea-spoon
  4. Salt – 1 Tea-spoon
  5. Oil – For deep-frying



Wash and cut the bitter guard in circles as shown in picture. I have used organic ones fresh from the garden. Mix all the ingredients together (except the oil) see that all the bits have got masala equally.  If you like it salty, can add more salt.


Spread it in a flat dish as shown and keep in the sun for drying. When all the water dries up on one side, turn the pieces and dry the other side.  Once all the water gets dried up, heat oil in a frying pan, fry the bitter guard and use with rice as a tasty side dish to get a variety taste.  If you are not able to dry in sun you can leave it open without lid in the refrigerator for a day or 2 and it will be dried.  You can fry it without drying also but may consume lots of oil.  You can use any oil for frying, I used coconut oil.


If you have plenty of bitter guard and want to preserve it without cooking, you can cut them as above and dry it very well till it is crispy and keep in an air tight container or zip lock cover and fry them little by little as and when you like to eat.






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