Heal Mind, Body and Spirit with ‘Gayathri Mantra’

A scientifically proven mantra to obtain physical, mental and spiritual health (Holistic health). The ‘Gayathri Mantra’ Dear Readers, please note all that is written here are the outcome of my research and understanding of a Universal Prayer, the “Gayatri Mantra”.  Thanks to all the YouTube contributors and writers. References are all at the bottom.  ThisContinue reading “Heal Mind, Body and Spirit with ‘Gayathri Mantra’”

Sharon’s Night Journey with a Killer – Short Story

The background of the story is a small village filled with paddy fields, streams, rubber estates, coconut groves and huge rocks on top of which lots of families are dwelling in small huts made of mud bricks and coconut leaves.  Other houses, including Sharon’s house are far since each family owned acres of lands andContinue reading “Sharon’s Night Journey with a Killer – Short Story”

He..Bed Bug !!! Ouch….Centipede!!! – Short Story

A long-awaited happy Saturday arrived for Reenu. Her Uncles son’s wedding would be on Sunday.  She with her older sister and mother reached her mother’s brother’s house on Saturday morning.  It was a very happy occasion for Reenu and all the children of the family, who met only once in a while for celebrations likeContinue reading “He..Bed Bug !!! Ouch….Centipede!!! – Short Story”

Snake Under the Stone – Short Story

Once a girl of 7th grade came home after her school, had her tea and snacks then ran to the paddy fields of her father, without even changing her school uniform. She loved playing in the water and catching little fishes from the small streams near the fields.  On that particular day there were aboutContinue reading “Snake Under the Stone – Short Story”

Turpentine for De-worming?!! – Short Story

Sweety a very happy little girl lived in a small village of Kerala.  She had her father, mother and siblings whom she loved very much. At the age of 3, one day sweety’s mother called her and her older sister in the night before going to bed to give them de-worming medicine.  Sweety and herContinue reading “Turpentine for De-worming?!! – Short Story”