Coriander Mango Blend


  1. Coriander Leaves – 2 stems
  2. Grated Coconut – 3 Table spoons
  3. Small Onion – 5 Nos.
  4. Garlic – 4 Small cloves
  5. Curry leaves – 4 leaves
  6. Green Chilli – 1 or 2 according to your spicy tolerance
  7. Ginger – 1 Small piece
  8. Mango – 10 Small pieces (can use tamarind if mango is not available)
  9. Salt – To taste


Pull out the small jar of your mixer grinder and blend all the ingredients except the coconut into a smooth paste.  Then add coconut and blend slightly, it should get mixed with all the ingredients but don’t blennd too much to make smooth paste. Don’t use water at all. If the mango is too sour, use very little or add more coconut. Now your mouth watering chutney is ready to fill your mouth with water enough to run a ship.

If you like to use this with bread or chapatti add 1 table spoon butter and mix well.  You will love the yummy taste.  Its optional those who cannot use butter don’t use.  Those who want to add coconut oil can also add. More….


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  1. You are most welcome…Remove the green skin and wash well to remove the sap.. the water like thing under the skin and the stem…see that the sap doesn’t fall on your skin since its too tender.


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