Gooseberry Chutney


1.  Gooseberries – 2

2. Small Onion – 5

3. Green Chillies (Kanthari) – 6

4. Curry Leaves – 5 leaves

5. Ginger – 1 Small piece

6. Grated Coconut – 3 Tablespoons

7. Salt to taste


Wash and cut the gooseberries into small pieces as shown in picture. Get the small jar of the mixer grinder and put all the ingredients except coconut. Blend to a smooth paste without water.  Open the jar and add coconut and blend again but don’t make paste. Just a little grinding would suffice otherwise it will lose the great taste. 

Now your healthy and tasty gooseberry chutney is ready for use. Empty and lick the dish when finished.


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