Chackakuru (Jack fruit seed) Shake

Hey, wait, wait don’t throw away Jack fruit seeds. Have you got plenty of jack fruit seeds and fed up of making side dishes and curry? You must have tried various types of shakes at home and in hotels and other shops but have you tried Chackakuru shake? Try this out, you and your kids will love this easy and healthy shake. It’s too tasty and filling.


  1. Jack fruit seeds – 10 Nos
  2. Coconut Milk/Scraped coconut – 1 Glass
  3. Cardamom – 2
  4. Cherry – 2 (optional)
  5. Almonds/Cashew nuts – 4 (optional)
  6. Honey/ organic brown sugar – 2 Table spoons


Boil and skin the jack fruit seeds. Cut into pieces and grind in mixi without water.  When it’s powdered, add coconut milk or scraped coconut (if using coconut add drinking water and grind well), (those who don’t have coconut can use any milk), crushed cardamom seeds and honey and grind well. If it is too thick, can add some more milk or a little drinking water. 

Pour the shake into a glass, add crushed nuts and cherry on top and drink it as it is or can chill and drink.  Decorate with a mint leaf. It tastes like Almond shake.  A very delicious and stomach filling shake.  So now don’t throw out the excess jack fruit seeds. There are other recipes also with this.  Will write it as and when I make them.  See you soon with another recipe. Till then take care.

©2018 My Grandmas-Healthy

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