Red Grapes Wine in 4 days

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and I wanna treat all my readers with a special, fast and easy wine recipe.  Hope all of you will try this out and get this wine ready to enjoy for Christmas and New Year.  Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year in advance.

  1. Kg (Seedless or with seeds not an issue)
  2. Water – 4 Ltrs
  3. Un-refined Sugar – 2 Kg
  4. Cinnamon – 1 (2 inches long piece)
  5. Cloves – 4
  6. Orange – 1
  7. Lemon – 1
  8. Dry Yeast – 1/4 Tea-spoon
  9. Bread – 1 Slice
  10. Clean white cloth – 1 as big as a gents handkerchief or napkin


Separate grapes from the stem and put into water, wash thoroughly for 3 or 4 times changing water. Put 1 table-spoon turmeric powder and 2 table spoons salt in water and soak the grapes for 1 hour.  This is for removing all pesticides and unwanted materials from the fruit. After one hour drain the water and wash with clean water for 3 to 4 times changing water.  Ones washed drain and remove all the water and keep aside.


Take 4 liters of water in a big pot, add cloves and cinnamon into the water and keep to boil, when water gets boiled add grapes and let it cook for 5 minutes then off the stove. Allow it to cool a little. When still hot add sugar, stir well until all the sugar melts, then keep it to cool well. In the meantime squeeze the orange and lime and remove juice, drain and keep aside without adding water.

When the grapes and water cools well naturally, pour it into a glass or ceramic jar, add the orange and lemon juice. Now take the yeast, mix it with a little warm water and make a paste, apply this paste on top of the bread slice and put it into the white cloth, make a small bundle (Kizhi)

then put it into the jar. Close the jar tight and keep in a dark place. Can keep in a bucket and cover if no dark place. Please note the jar should be big enough to hold all the above ingredients.  There should be lots of empty space between the liquid and the bottle mouth. Space to hold at least 1 more litre of water, otherwise it will ooze out.

Open and stir the contents everyday.  On the 5th day remove the grapes, squeeze and take all the juice with the help of a cloth or strainer and throw out the waste.  Strain the wine and put it into another vessel. Clean the jar with boiled water and keep to cool, then pour back the wine into the jar cap it and keep. Every day open the jar and release the air for 2 minutes and close.  On the 14th day you can take the wine with the help of  a tube or big spoon and put in glass bottles. Don’t tilt the jar otherwise all the thick particles which are settled at the bottom of the jar will get mixed with the wine. Taste the wine and see if it’s too bitter can add little sugar according to your tastes.  Keep and use it after 24 days or more and it will have good effect.  You can begin to use it after 14th day itself if you don’t like it to be alcoholic.  I use after 14th day.

vine 1Be very careful in using utensils for preparing wine, everything should be sterilised well before using, cleanliness is very important or else there is a chance for fungus formation which will spoil your wine.  How to sterilise? Boil water and wash all the utensils including the jar and bottles. Bottles should be dried after washing.  Cloth should be cotton and boil in water, squeeze and use.

Consuming 1 or 2 ounces of red wine every day increases blood circulation it seems and is good for a healthy heart says experts.  So try it out. This is a very tasty wine, which my family and friends enjoy.  Make feast for your family and friends during this Christmas and New Year season.  Happy and healthy going, cheers!!!

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