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Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India. A Great Visionary & True Leader. A wise man of 20th Century. Rani had a great opportunity of meeting him personally at Cochin guest house together with 3 of her colleagues, the most cherished memories of her life.  Moments spent with the great visionary of India were really golden moments.

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Nano Wellness Hive was started as at its initiation as a recipe blogging site in 2018. It was created by Rani Joseph Cherian as a spare time hobby, while she was a full time employee of a Wellness (integrated medical) training and research institute. But since the break of Covid 19 pandemic brought out a global thirst for holistic health and wellness, she voluntarily grabbed the mission of creating global awareness in obtaining ‘Holistic Health’ with ‘One Health’ as a great passion. So slowly evolved into Nano Wellness Hive in 2021.

Rani, Author of “A Wellness Food Guide For Your Holistic Health” and a few other books is also a content writer and blogger. She was a Spoken English Teacher, Content Writer, Online tutor and content developer, Certified Medical Transcriptionist; Certified Student counselor; Diploma holder in Integrated Faming System (DIFS), Post Graduate Diploma holder in Computer Applications, long time Course Coordinator; Administrator and now, on a mission, spreading the good news of ‘One Health‘ (Plants, Animals and Humans) for ‘Holistic Health‘ to every nook and corner of the earth.

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  1. A Wellness Food Guide for your Holistic Health
  2. Josephinte Makal
  3. The Golden Trophy of Father Sky