photo-1505377059067-e285a7bac49bSweety a very happy little girl lived in a small village of Kerala.  She had her father, mother and siblings whom she loved very much. At the age of 3, one day sweety’s mother called her and her older sister in the night before going to bed to give them de-worming medicine.  Sweety and her sister loved the medicine because it was sweet and tasty.

The medicine was kept in one of the cupboards in the bed room. In the dim light of a kerosene lamp her mother took a bottle from the cupboard, poured the liquid into a tea-spoon and gave to Sweety the youngest girl.  She drank it and said it had some bad taste, her mother told her not to make a fuss and gave her the 2nd spoon but Sweety refused to drink it saying her tongue was burning, so her mother forced and put it in her mouth and the little girl spat it out saying it had some bad smell and taste.  “What bad taste for ante-par  syrup?  just drink it and go to sleep”, said her mother. At the same time she just smelled the  bottle;  then  got a start of her life knowing that she had taken the wrong bottle, instead of ante-par the little girl drank  turpentine which was kept in the same shelf.

Her mother was terrified and put her finger in the little girls mouth and made her vomit out the turpentine, then she made her drink coconut oil after which warm water and honey were given to drink. When her father came to know about what had happened  he scolded the mother for being so careless and asked her if she was trying to kill the girl. Sweety was so happy to hear that for she was her father’s pet. The next day Sweety got up as usual and went to play as usual. There was no symptoms of any burn or poison in her body. And her mother and father were very happy to see her unharmed.


©2018 My Grandmas-Healthy

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