Once a girl of 7th grade came home after her school, had her tea and snacks then ran to the paddy fields of her father, without even changing her school uniform. She loved playing in the water and catching little fishes from the small streams near the fields.  On that particular day there were about 5 women and 2 men doing weeding and putting manure for the paddy which had grown to about 30 inch height.


As the workers got busy with their work, the little girl engaged herself in catching tiny fishes from the field. When she tried to catch the fishes from the gushing water they escaped with the force of water. So she thought of stopping the water flowing from one field to the next. She wanted to close the small passage of the field through which water was gushing and went in search of stones on the foot path of the fields.  She began picking up stones and filling the passage.

Then she noticed a bigger stone on the huge foot path of the field which was a raised dry place. That stone was big enough to close the passage. So she went to the stone and saw a part of it was buried in the ground; with a lot of force she managed to pull the stone out and suddenly a snake which was under the stone bit her finger, though she pulled the hand, the snake was hanging on her finger, she shook the hand with force and the snake was thrown to the field and fell right in the middle of the ladies who were working and they yelled, screamed and ran. Her neighbor and her father’s friend, who saw it, ran to the field with a stick and killed the snake.  In the meantime the women went to the girl and tied the string of her uniform skirt on top of the snake bite and send her home. The girl walked down to her house which was half a kilometer away, she was not at all frightened.

She reached home and told her mother what happened and showed the snake bitten finger to her.  Her mother was a very courageous woman. Long before this girl’s birth, she was bitten by a cobra but she thought that was an ant bite and walked to her uncle’s house. The poison passed through the whole body and was almost at death-bed. Since her uncle was a traditional medicine practitioner who was famous for treating snake bitten patients, came to her help and rescued her. Her uncle died before this girl was born.

Her mother took a sharp blade and cut the girls finger where the snake bit.  Already that portion was dark blue in color; she pressed it and removed all the blood and poison of the snake and washed it thoroughly. Meantime her mother told the maid to bring some medicinal leaves and fresh turmeric root from the garden, she brought them and got it grounded to a smooth paste and gave to the girl’s mother. She applied that paste on the girl’s finger and tied it with a cloth. The girl bore up all the pain without any fear or crying.  After 2 or 3 days the wound got healed and she was very happy running to the field to play again.


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